I Found My Birth Mother in El Salvador

I was adopted from El Salvador at age 1. I grew up my entire life in Massachusetts. 

One day, after a series of events, I decided to book a trip to the country and try to find my birth mother 

Here's what happened...

The Un-Told Story...

Since publishing my journey on YouTube, I have been able to connect with long-lost family members.  

I've had questions about my adoption, my connection to Salvadorian culture, and how my parents felt about the experience.

Many are still wondering... why was I was given up? 

There are many parts to this story that I haven't told anyone. Parts that will surprise you and even anger you.

For the first time ever, I'm revealing them to you in my new book, Little Thumb of America aka Pulgarcito de America.

This books is an exploration of culture, identity, and adoption. 

It dives deep into the connection between a mother and a child, along with what it means to be human. 


All I Had Was...

... a photo of my birth mother. That's it.

None of my contact information was working. 

The phone number I had for lawyer who did the adoption wouldn't work. None of the other phone numbers were working. I only had ony option. 

I set out to visit the town where she "supposedly" lived 25 years ago.

My mission was to print out a bunch of photos, hand them out, and hope that someone knew her. 

I had no idea what to expect, but I could NEVER predict what happened next. 

Not only did I find my birth mother, but I also discovered that I had a brother and two sisters.

My brother had been searching for me his entire life.

What You'll See...

This story takes you behind-the-scenes of my popular YouTube video. You'll join me on the search for my birth mother. 

Along with deep personal disclosures about my life growing up as an adpted only-child, you will also witness an authentic transformation. 

On the outset, I was guarded, skeptical, and angry when it came to issues surrounding my trip. 

I was afraid of gang violence and crime in the country of El Salvador. 

You will see how my feelings slowly change and why I held them in the first place.